London Borough of Waltham Forest

Atlantic Construction and Design provided project management and consultancy design services for the public realm security services for London Borough of Waltham Forest with close liaison with Metropolitan Police.

This comprised project and contract management of the CCTV provision contract for the Borough, liasing with local business leaders for the provision of additional CCTV facilities for the E11 Business District and successful bidding for additional CCTV funding from Central Government for upgrading and enhancing the existing provision of CCTV facilities for the Borough.

Management of the CCTV Project Board was undertaken to ensure seamless continuity of the provision of CCTV monitoring services by external partners and letting new contracts for the continued provision of the service.

The initial brief expanded to incorporate upgrade and integration of the Ascham Homes CCTV system within the Borough CCTV monitoring contract, upgrade and deployment of mobile CCTV systems including redeployable cameras and a mobile CCTV and ANPR vehicle and expansion of the system via the London Bus Initiative.